Vishal Mehta


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biggest influence/idol:
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Enigma.. More intelligent than all of us put together.. BBm Kingr
Born free, living free. Master of music wherever he is. Teacher par excellence and always fun to be with.
The best drummer in India for sure... On stage I am connected with him the most. He knows how to keep everybody together on stage. Very very helpful to everyone. Best teacher for drums. Just ask him for any help and he will surely solve every problem. God bless him.
rakesh ka ak shauk (hobby) hai ki use har 6 month me kuch naya karne ko chahiye. like singing, tabla, video editing, video game, photography etc. I feel Ashwani apne sowbhao se bada hi dayalu hai. He love 2 do manav sewa.. wo naye jamane ka sampurn addhyapak hai.
Official choreographer to Krutika, she set the new land speed record for rocking on a two by three stage riser:)
Mr. Perfect Technique.. power house when it comes to slamming the drums. Also the man with an eye for the minutest detail of life.. both Human and Animal life!! From the mechanism behind the working of the wings of an aircraft to the description and co-relation between 'Taals' in Hindustani Sangeet and 'Beats' of Western Music..this excellent teacher has the answer to all.
Teacher, friend, man with the master plan! Always there to lend a helping hand when you need it the most.
The youngest amongst us... but a volcano of talent...
Vishal and I are the youngest in the band. Always with a contagious smile, he is said to be my clone; we walk and talk in the same manner!