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One of the few words in the medical dictionary that ends with a simple RIA as opposed to the thousands that end in complicated spellings but pronounced – ria. One of the few words in medical terminology that has a positive connotation as opposed to most others those mean sickness and death. And one of the few names in the music industry that has survived and left its mark as opposed to so many that have tried and failed.

Euphoria is a state of mind in hypomania where they say that creativity is as its best. It’s tough to live up to the chosen name and reputation especially since the scientific world says that it cannot be artificially induced, but we try and strive towards a perfection that we cannot wholly fathom and a goal that we cannot completely see. We follow a shadow that we cannot totally perceive and head towards a place that cannot somehow recognize.

“From a heart’s desire, a mind’s fervor to a thirst unquenched and Truth’s honesty ...” What started out as a dream is finally becoming one. And as the quest begins to find the end of the rainbow, a destination finally emerges and the search is on... it might be a dead-end but it is after all a search, for home...

The journey from DHOOM has not taken us out, but inwards, into ourselves, into our culture, into our soul where melody is God and the heart is King. Tapping into the tapestry of ethnic Indian music, we have distilled our passion, added a dash of Rock, a pinch of Folk, blended it with Harmony and topped it up with a whole lot of Love.

Who knows what’s ROCK and what’s RIGHT?? Who cares or gives a damn in any case?! We came up with our definition of HINDROCK in the Euphoria dictionary and it was simple: n. a unique amalgamation of Indian and Western musical influences to provide a pleasing sound to the ears. [See Dhoom and Pichuck]

Hindrock was not conceived as a phrase. It was an attitude, a movement that we took on to show that sometimes Rock can be Right. It was promulgated not out of desire but the obsession that our world has to compartmentalize and categorize everything, from news to music, things that should be so generic. It was borne out of travelling through uncharted and taking our first infantile steps towards an unknown destination.

Our aim is not fame and success and blah blah blah... we hear all this from each and every person who wants to be there... but we do believe that success lies in happiness... in what we believe in, in what we are doing and in being who we are, and that happiness is just an endeavour towards achieving a more joyous and dare we say exalted state of mind... maybe EUPHORIA!!

... The state of high! The state in a psychological disorder called hypomania (the first stage of mania).

14 years back HIND ROCK wasn't coined as just a phrase for hype (they hate the hype!) It was perhaps the simplest way to describe their music.. (There are other choice descriptions for their music but they can only be sought from other Indian bands, or their ex band mates)

Today, 2012 A.D. EUPHORIA has created a home for itself in the hearts of music aficionados and supporters. The non believers still find excuses but... “They are the challenge!”

Good or bad or ugly, EUPHORIA are the only ones of their kind or creed. Do we need to tell you why?

"People choose to walk the oft beaten track! I chose to take a detour and walk alone. As in the words of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore... If no one will hear your call... EKLA CHOLO RE (walk alone)!!" says Palash Sen, lead singer and EUPHORIA's "Boss"(the world calls him the father of Hind Rock). Well, "EKLA" they're not walking for sure...

1998, October... DHOOM, 2000, February... PHIR DHOOM (2 huge successes like a double whammy). Then January 2001... India's first-ever single ... MANTRA! And then January 2003 came EUPHORIA Gully, the reaffirmation of the Euphoria sound, the magic and the taste of sweet success. 2004 saw Euphoria collaborating with the Pakistani boys STRINGS for the Indo-Pak cricket series official anthem, Jeet Lo Dil. They won hearts again, (Thank God the Indian team won the series too!). Hey what's your mantra for success? Simple, they say, "Bas jaan lo hai pyaar kya, hai yeh hamara mantra!" 2006 – MEHFUZ, and yes they are mehfuz in the love and the prayers of millions.. 2008- ReDHOOM, 12 of their greatest hits since ’98 packaged in an album. A first for an Indian non film artist. The listeners rewound with them.. Then came their piece de resistance when they made the theme song for the 2010 Commonwealth games – Dilli meri jaan. And finally, EUPHORIA’s most mature and introspective album - ITEM in 2011.. Why Item? Well what else are we all but Items..

The album has already received critical and commercial success in times when film music is Omnipresent.. C U Later’s English version climbed up to as high as #5 on VH1’s top 10 International charts.. A first of it’s kind achievement for any Indian band..

No drugs, no booze, no violence (lots of sex though... ha! ha! ha!) and pure unadulterated Hind Rock 'n' Roll!

They've played arenas, stadia, packed houses, colleges, schools, maidans, in front of India Gate, in the Central Park of C.P. (with the greatest Hindustani classical singers), auditoria, corporate shows, marriages of their hardcore fans and one very forgettable birthday bash... you name it, they've played it... and they only play live and VERY LOUD!!

Played in the USA, Australia, Canada, Bali, Hong Kong, Malaysia, U A E, Sri Lanka, Tokyo, Shanghai... The Great Wall of China.. The only Indian band to play in Pakistan.. They played at the prestigious Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis, the birthplace of Rock'n'Roll to 300,000 screaming Americans (the only Indians to do it) and then again at the General Assembly Hall at the United Nations, New York. They were the first band to get in and rock the assembly with music (and not speeches). In 2011, they were inducted into the Hind Rock Hall of fame by the Indian Recording Arts Academy.. "The greatest satisfaction is to play to people who love your music irrespective of the language of the genre. That's the real respect a musician craves for!"

14 years... 6 albums... 5 singles... 2 films..19 music videos... and still dreaming!! Dreaming of a perfect world... no war, no poverty, no disease, no tears... just music and smiles!

Their 7th album is on the way and from what the grapevine says... IT’s A DEVOTIONAL/ SPIRITUAL ALBUM.. And IT ROCKS! (errrr... Bhajans rock??) DJ, "the backbone" on bass; ASHWANI, "the legs" on drums; AMBO, "the pulse" on guitars, RAKESH and PRASHANT, "the arms" on dholak and tabla, VIN, “the fingers” on Keys, VAISHALI, KRUTIKA, KAMAKSHI & KINSHUK “the heart beat” on back ups and PALASH, "the brain" on... err... any topic in the world!!

Commercial, unworkable, sell out, non sellable, outdated, post dated, non rock, non filmy... Maybe... But, India’s most loved band definitely! And love is all they need...


www.dhoom.com | www.facebook.com/euphoria.dhoom

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