Album Credits

Euphoria launched their 6th studio album titled "Sharnaagat" in 2012, surprising critics and fans with a new direction. Sharnaagat was the band's first spiritual record, with influences of pop, folk and blues. Frontman Palash's late father, Dr. Rupendra Kumar Sen, had composed 3 out of the 7 songs featured on the album. A music video was shot for the title track "Sharnaagat" in the premises of a Temple, Mosque, Church and a Gurudwara in Delhi with an attempt to portray the universality of God and religion. Palash directed the video with the entire band and its support staff doubling up as the production crew. Sharnaagat was released worldwide by Times Music Spiritual.

Album List

1. Sharnaagat
2. Prabhu Ji
3. Prabhu Tum Se Tumhi Ko Maangun..
4. Prabhu
5. Mere Ram
6. Bolo Om
7. Sheranvali Maa