Album Credits

Circa 1998... DHOOM... we’re on the highway... to maybe nowhere... speeding and singing a song. Time waits for no one... but we are already ahead of our time... Life “HIND” Rocks! But... if we would pause for a breath... the past would zoom into the rear view mirror and objects would be closer than they seem... the tape would screech soothingly as it rewinds and ends at the beginning with a soft thud... back to where it all began... the present would blur into expectation... and anxiety would accompany excitement as the first silent few seconds would play on the tape as it rolls back to life... and you would pace the lobby outside the delivery room restlessly... waiting for and to witness your own Rebirth... hoping, praying, second guessing... it’s ten years and life begins... again...

Album List

1. Bhoola Sab
2. Dhoom – Feat. Subha Mudgal
3. Tum
4. Rock Sako To Rock Lo (New Version)
5. Maaeri
6. Phir Dhoom
7. Hind Rock
8. Sha NaNaNaNa (New Version)
9. Me & You
10. Bewafa
11. Soneya
12. Mehfuz
13. Bhoola Sab – The Forgot Mix