Album Credits

After the introduction of Euphoria to the music industry in 1998 with our debut album DHOOM, there was some consternation as to whether we would be able to repeat such a performance… So here we are with our new album PHIR DHOOM.

Learning from our mistakes and continuing to grow and mature musically, we keep up our trademark diversity of songs in Phir Dhoom too, with 11 far ranging songs and a bonus track in English on the CD. The influences have been more Indian melody based with more weight-age given to Indian percussions.

MAAERI draws its influence from ethnic Punjabi folk whereas PHIR DHOOM from the hills (Pahari folk). A touch of Indian classical can be found in SATYAMEVA JAYATE (featuring a classically oriented bass and scat solo by DJ, the bass guitarist!!) and PYAAR HI THA. Dance grooves, commercial pop and hind-rock make for songs like NEW MILLENIUM, MUJHSE KAHA NA GAYA and HUM. One can also find a pure blues track in GHAM-E-ROOH, a lovely ballad in AASAAN, a foot-stomping AAO NA and a grandiloquent cry for unity in EK. The bonus track YOU AND ME (OUR SONG) is a lilting ballad featuring just acoustic guitars and voices.

The essential honesty of the music and the lyrics remain true to heart and the eternal emotion of love binds the album together.

There are no shortcuts for hard work, and a lot of blood, sweat and tears have been put into this album by the entire team both creative and production. The heart-rending lyrics written by Jaideep, Dahlia, Sam & Palash, the never ending inputs from our music producer Roy, the perfect harmonies sung by the Euphorians, Deepak, who recorded all ethnic percussions at Digital Studio, New Delhi… all engineered and mixed at in a magical recording by Eric in Spectral Harmony, Mumbai and mastered by John at Loud, Taunton, UK.

Album List

1. Phir Dhoom
2. Hum
3. Satyamev Jayate
4. Aao Na
5. Aasaan
6. Gham-e-Rooh
7. Ek
8. Mujse Kaha Na Gaya
9. New Millenium
10. Pyaar Hi Thaa
11. Maaeri
12. Me And You (bonus CD track)