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MEHFUZ (pronunciation is m followed by an ulta “e” h f “oo” {with a line on top} z): v.

Adj: To be safe, to be secure. To know that one will not be forgotten.

We’ve walked a million miles... sung to a million hearts... DHOOMed, PHIR DHOOMed... given you our MANTRA... invited you to our GULLY... and played our song... And wherever a song is, melody will still be king, the heart will still follow, the walk of life will still go on... and even as the walls crumble, the guns boom and humanity loses its innocence, there’ll still be love in the world... and we’ll still play our song!

Cuz our search goes on... for a home... and home is where the heart is... So we ask you, “Is it?”

Are we there... in your thoughts... your minds... Your senses... And your hearts? Are we... MEHFUZ?

Album List

1. Soneya
2. Mehfuz
3. Bewafaa
4. Bin-Yah-Min's Zahr - Bhoola Sab
5. Roshni
6. Dil
7. Eupho-Rik - Rab Jaane
8. Savera
9. Doha
10. Kyna's song
11. DJoo's Bassilicka Kee Farak Painda
12. She's Beautiful