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We had 'Dhoom'ed and 'Phir Dhoom'ed by 2000. It was time to move on with the same 'Euphoric' feeling. Traversing 487.33 (maybe 587.43) concerts and 53 (give or take another 10 songs), we found ourselves standing at the crossroads of yet another chauraha. We looked around and realised that along the way, 'Hindrock' had become a movement, a statement... an attitude. And maybe a small world of our own and yet we were walking a new path where… our drummer was playing more “thekas” and at times caressing his cymbals! Gary and Rikki had made friends with the 12-string and acoustic guitars and even DJ was playing the “ektara” on the bass.

Somewhere along the way we picked up the flute, the morchhang and the ravan-hattha and we hammered Benny into creating and adding these sounds to his keyboard. Rakesh and Prashant with their tabla and dholak had become our constant companions instead of incidental hitchhikers. We found ourselves singing more aalaaps and fewer scats. The beat had become a taal and the tune had become a dhun.

The songs still have the same honesty and rustic flavour that made DHOOM so refreshingly different at that time and in fact in this album the lyrics and the compositions have matured much more as the band has evolved and is getting used to their own unique style of song writing. The diversity of songs that has always been a trademark of Euphoria is very much alive in Euphoria GULLY. From the honesty in Ab Na Ja to the mischief in Oo Piyu, the sweetness in Raja Rani and the raunchiness in Meethi Chaashni, the purity in Aisa Ek Jahaan and the austerity of Praarthnaa, this album has the vibe that is so peculiar to Euphoria.

Also interesting in Euphoria GULLY is the range of Indian instruments and styles that have been used in the various songs, ranging from the morchhang, kharhtaal, algoza, ravan-hattha, duff, dimri and dhol in Raja Rani, a very Rajasthani folk tune, to the mridangam and aalaap in Meethi Chaashni, to the blend of a very harmonium style of playing with distortion guitars in Waise Hi, a rock qawaali, and the flute in its various moods in Aisa Ek Jahaan, Raja Rani and Praarthnaa.

The name of the album is based on the first song, Aana Meri Gully which is also the first video of this album to be aired. The picturisation has been conceived and executed by Pradeep Sarkar with his usual panache and unpretentious charm.

Thank you for helping us follow the melodies of our hearts and staying true to our faith. We've hummed along and found ourselves at the threshold of familiar territory. We invite you to journey down 'Euphoria GULLY' with us and hope you'll find yourselves at home, right up our street!

“From a heart’s desire, a mind’s fervour to a thirst unquenched and the Truth’s honesty…

What started out as a dream is finally becoming one. And as the quest begins to find the end of the rainbow, a destination emerges in your mind and the search is on, for a town, a street and then a gully.

Euphoria GULLY is not the end of the search but just a beginning, and it might be a dead end, but it IS a search… for Home.

So you wanna take a walk on the wild side? Aana Meri GULLY!!”

Album List

1. Raja Rani
2. Ab Na Jaa
3. Aana Meri Gully
4. Meethi Chaashni
5.1 What is the Mantra of your life?
5.2 Mantra
6. Kya Yeh Sach Hai?
7. Kuchh Nahin
8. Oo Piyu
9. Aisa Ek Jahaan
10. Waise Hi
11.1 Lori 1: Sone De Maa
11.2 Lori 2: Ab Naa Jeena
12. Praarthnaa