Album Credits

DHOOM is an album where the versatility of Euphoria has been tested to its limits. The immense amount of hard work and effort put in by Palash Sen, Sam Panchmukhi, Dahlia Sen-Oberoi and Debleena Bhaduri into the lyrics to provide meaningful and heartfelt words can only be paralleled by the character and charm of each song that blends together as a whole to give the album a distinctive and unique flavour...

From the ballad TUM to the hard hitting HIND ROCK ‘N’ ROLL, from the raunchy BODYLOVE to the soft, acoustic TUMSE PYAAR, from the fun-filled SHA-NA-NA-NA-NA to the deeply philosophical MAA and AAMNE SAAMNE, from DILLI, a ghazal with a twist to KYON JUDAA, a track bordering on dance-pop and, of course, DHOOM PICHUCK, a folk ballad featuring Shubha Mudgal and 12 ethnic Indian percussion instruments, all recorded live in the studio.

Euphoria being Delhi based opted for one of the city’s leading studios, Studio Synthesis India, where Lokesh Dhawan and Manoj Kumar did all the engineering and recording of all songs. Long standing band friend and music producer Roy Menezes provided invaluable insights into vocal harmonies, performed to perfection by Malancha Chakravarty, Swati Mohan, DJ Bhaduri and the man himself, Roy Menezes, to enrich and embellish the songs to such a degree.

Album List

1. Sha Na Na Na

2. Dhoom Pichuck

3. Tum
4. Hind Rock'n'Roll
5. Rick's Lick
6. Aamne Saamne
7. Kyon Judaa
8. Body Love
9. D.J.'s 'Bass'ic Instinct
10. Tumse Pyaar
11. Maa
12. Sha - Remix
13. Dilli